The Rad Dudecast

A comedy podcast featuring New York Stand up comedians and best friends Anthony Devito, Brendan Eyre, and Greg Stone. The Rad Dudecast is part wild improv and part off-the-rails comedy writer’s room. Is it satire? Is it parody? Or is it the only true thing you’ve ever heard. How do jokes form? What makes something funny? Find out on the Rad Dudecast. 4 Bonus episodes a month for $5 at On Instagram: @theraddudecast @gregfstone @devo4tivo @eyrebud On Twitter: @theradudecast @AnthonyDevito_ @Eyrebud @Gregstone_

The Podcasts

Greg is on America's Got Talent, Frecky Gelecki and Fritz stop by.

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Store owner runs for president. Ryan Beck calls in. Well, we call him because Greg and Anthony wouldn't stop insulting his mom. 

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Greg holds a shit for the whole time! Anthony used to think his mom might be an alien! Brendan adds nothing!

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