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A comedy podcast featuring New York Stand up comedians and best friends Anthony Devito, Brendan Eyre, and Greg Stone. The Rad Dudecast is part wild improv and part off-the-rails comedy writer’s room. Is it satire? Is it parody? Or is it the only true thing you’ve ever heard. How do jokes form? What makes something funny? Find out on the Rad Dudecast. 4 Bonus episodes a month for $5 at On Instagram: @theraddudecast @gregfstone @devo4tivo @eyrebud On Twitter: @theradudecast @AnthonyDevito_ @Eyrebud @Gregstone_

The Podcasts

Brendan went to naked massage class and it got crazy. Greg ended a 10 year feud. Anthony is either on the road or still has that weird disease or both. The great Dan Perlman sits in.


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Greg and Brendan talk about cancel culture, race, and other stuff you wouldn’t expect from the Rad Dudecast. Anthony  has Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease so he isn't in today. Find out more about anthony disease on the Patreon. 


Edit: So we were gonna do this as a Patreon but felt it might be better to do it as the free ep. So that's why don't get into Anthony not being there too much as it was explained on the Patreon ep which we recoreded first 

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Greg is obsessed by a new camera system, will it work? Who knows. Brendan caught a talking French snake and no one gives a shit. Anthony talks all the onion. Onion time! 

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The Boys are back in Astoria. Greg got married...again, and Brendan’s not happy about it. Anthony’s corner continues to be very popular for some reason. And Captain Sully is coming on the ‘cast soon! 

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