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A comedy podcast featuring New York Stand up comedians and best friends Anthony Devito, Brendan Eyre, and Greg Stone. The Rad Dudecast is part wild improv and part off-the-rails comedy writer’s room. Is it satire? Is it parody? Or is it the only true thing you’ve ever heard. How do jokes form? What makes something funny? Find out on the Rad Dudecast. 4 Bonus episodes a month for $5 at On Instagram: @theraddudecast @gregfstone @devo4tivo @eyrebud On Twitter: @theradudecast @AnthonyDevito_ @Eyrebud @Gregstone_

The Podcasts

An unlocked bonus patreon episode!

This week we have an old time murder mystery, in a shoe.

Join Sheriff Jimmy Giggles, Hans, Ernie, and Murray as they get to the bottom of things

Everybody buy Sarah's new album "Voluptuous Boy". Follow her @stollemache

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This weeks episode is brought to you by Tushy, go to for 10% off your order!

The shows reigns are handed over to Greg this week, as he challenges Brendan and Anthony to a series of devious challenges that come with an exceptional cost! The deck is stacked against them as they attempt to BEAT THE MEAT!

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The dudes turn the show over to the Picadillo Cattle Livestock Roundup.

Join Southern Jack-sun, Ellis "Squirt" McGirt, and Hank Watson as they discuss the issues of the day

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Greg has ants, Mark Wahlberg, and Gore Vidal

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The OJ Simpson trial, Pauly Shore, and other current events.

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Comedians we plugged at the end of the episode:

Sam Evans, Evan Williams, Ahri Findling, Greg Warren

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No Chingy this week, but it's still a good show. 

Astoria Queens local politics, mother's underwear, and Asian plastic surgery.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Chingy to the Rad Dudecast.  Serious Donkey, it's him. Chingy. Check the youtube if you don't believe us.

The first few minutes are marred by technical difficulties, which are pretty funny as well.

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"This is just the podcast now" - Brendan

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This week brings us the most ambitious project in Rad Dudecast history. A multi-episode game of Dungeons & Dragons, played by the Dudes under the expertise of Dungeon Master Joey Stone (the Wolf).

Tune in to the Patreon for the part 2 (and so on).

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In which the dudes discuss sexual animals, magical blind people, and the origin of Milli Vanilli.

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It's time for the nation's children to rise up as one.  There is power in a union!!

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Audio from the live Zoom show.

90+ minutes of pure RDC chaos. Shirts come off, Greg is overwhelmed, a horse stops by at one point.

Thanks to everybody who attended.  We will do it again soon.

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With the Summer Olympics in Tokyo now postponed due to COVID-19, Anthony Devito has purchased a medal factory.  He also acquired J.Crew and Brooks Brothers.  And now the final step: asking Greg and Brendan what to do.

Join us for the special LIVE recording of the Rad Dudecast on Monday 5/11/2020 at 8:30 EST. To participate, send a DM on instagram @theraddudecast

Also join the patreon for up to three bonus episodes each week: 

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Anthony eats his last bowl of soup, everybody respects Michael Rapaport, and Donnie Wahlberg has a new show.

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We talk to the Pope for a while, Greg has a crazy question about putting the planet in a slingshot, then "Anthony's Feud"

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Welcome to the hottest game show on TruTV, it's called Beat the Dudes.  Beat them at what?  Oh you'll see.

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Anthony couldn't make this one due to a family situation.  Our hearts are with him.  It's a somber episode, but we do our best.

Subscribe to Brendan's new podcast "One Down" out on Riotcast, also check out Friday Night Greg live on Greg's youtube channel. for 3 bonus episodes a week.  

Thanks everybody.  Take care.

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Art thieves, Bo Jackson, and Greg's new porn habits. Must be a Tuesday.

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So, here's the details on the quarantine plan:

obviously 1 free ep a week, as usual

1 $5 patreon ep on Thursdays, as usual

1 $10 patreon ep a week

1 $15 patreon ep a week

Days on those extra patreons aren't nailed down yet, but they will be within the week, and we'll get a more concrete schedule going.

The most important thing is please, please, please don't sign up if you can't afford it. We know times are tough for everyone, so do not feel any pressure. Love you guys and be safe and healthy.

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Our first quarantine episode.  Welcome back Brendan.

Audio is a little wacky because of the new setup, but we'll figure it out eventually.

Stay tuned for a lot of bonus RDC stuff coming to Patreon.

Also watch the episode on youtube because it's funnier.

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Brendan recaps a killer episode with Caitlin Peluffo and brings us up to date on what he's been up to. Next week the boys will be back together at long last! Or Dead. Tune in either way.

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The hilarious Caitlin Peluffo comes on to talk about Greeks and lesbians. Anthony uses the bathroom at some point and Greg shares some fun haircut stories. Plus Harumi’s got a few new noises!

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I'm back and I'm breaking the episode down and giving you an update on what I've been up to. Now Greg and Anthony are out of town, so next week will be guests again, but then we should return to full strength the following week. Love you guys.

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Our ace in the hole Jim Tews sits in for Brendan. The boys talk their favorite Jim bits, short people problems and what it’s like being Ukrainian. Get Jim’s new album “Oatmeal.” He’s really one of the best.

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Hey, I'm still away from the boys and recapping episodes (mostly just talking to myself, actually). Thanks for listening, I love you guys.

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It’s been a while but Nathan Macintosh is back on the cast! We take a deep dive into prostitution, how much the boys would charge for sex and Greg tells a story about a birthday present he gave to himself. 

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Brendan's on the road, but doesn't want to be left out. So he's reviewing the eps for the next few weeks. This is for the episode "Thieves"

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Brendan is on the road so Dan Shaki sits in for the hour. Shaki tells about his role on Crashing, Harumi goes wild on sound effects, Anthony talks about THE TALE OF TWO TOMMYS! And Greg takes over Anthony’s Corner with a Bad Boys vs Rush Hour conversation.

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A long, prolonged argument about what constitutes a full person. Who wouldn’t want to know that? Anthony farts and we have to evacuate. And then we visit Vito’s deli which is inside a power plant. 

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The world’s most dysfunctional art gallery drops by. Also, Greg does a primo Oscar rundown. Plus Greg and Anthony try Alpha brain for the first time and lose their minds.

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Greg hosted a primo super bowl party. We break down the food, the game, the ads, and the half time show. Brendan’s getting closer to a threesome!

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We’re all a bit shook up over Kobe Bryant’s passing and we discuss it. Thankfully, a grief counselor named Gary stops by and helps us process it. 

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A real steamer! We break down hobgoblin, karate, and the show Friends. Everything you needed and wanted! Plus some sports talk that Greg disapproves of. 

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Oh boy, Greg is throwing inappropriate things at Anthony (tune in to find out what). comes onboard as a new sponsor. And guess who drops by? Dirty Birdie! Plus yogurt king Danny Dannon.

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Brendan has a near death at Wendy’s, Anthony explains the concept of summer camps, and Greg reveals a troubling first job.



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A classic patreon ep with our friend Alison Leiby , writer on the Marvelous MRs. MAizel. 

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